BARRIE CONDO CORNER - One of Barrie's Most Educated and Reliable Condo Focused Real Estate Teams.

There's a difference between working with an agent and working with a CONDO AGENT. Make the right decision and WORK WITH AN EXPERT!

To provide each client with exceptional condo focused real estate services, helping each one to achieve their real estate goals and satisfying their needs with expertise, quality and integrity.
To be recognized as condominium experts and provide the highest level of excellence in service for condominium owners and their communities, and in turn building lifelong relationships with those we serve.
To provide buyers and sellers with condo specific guidance and advice, educate people on condominium communities and the lifestyle condo living has to offer.

Barrie Condo Corner was founded in 2015 by Ashley Lamb - condo expert with over 18 years of servicing the condominium sector of the real estate market.

- Ashley Lamb's Journey -

After working for the #1 condo selling real estate brokerage in Toronto’s core for over a decade, Ashley decided to share her expertise with the Barrie community when she moved to the Barrie area with her family in 2014. Ashley saw a need for a condo resource centre and decided to build Barrie Condo Corner; a hub where people can get information on condos in Barrie, Barrie’s condo market and condominium tips for sellers and buyers. 
In addition to Barrie Condo Corner's resource centre, Ashley Lamb is known for her condo market report that she writes every month for the Barrie area. Not only is her report e-mailed out to her subscribers, but it is also published on; a division of, since she became a contributing writer as the condo columnist in 2017. Having a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Ashley has an extensive understanding of market trends and analysing statistics and takes pride in sharing her expertise with the community.
In 2015, Ashley Lamb became a member of CCI-Huronia and was elected to be a board of directors in 2017. Her dedication for CCI-Huronia grew as she took on the roll of the Communications Committee chair in 2020 and continues to be a big part of CCI-Huronia. She loves her roll with The Canadian Condominium Institute as it gives her the opportunity to continue building on her passion for educating people about condo living and the Barrie condo market.
Ashley has been on a condo board, has lived in and owned condominiums and has even had first hand experience buying and selling pre-construction properties. There’s a difference between working with an agent and working with a CONDO agent. Ashley Lamb understands what goes along with condo ownership and condo living.

A family woman at heart – Ashley, her husband Steve and two lovely kids are proud to call Barrie home.

Additional Real Estate Training/Coaching & Certifications for Ashley Lamb:
2022: #2 Team at KWE for Properties Sold & #3 in GCI
2021: #2 Team at KWE for Properties Sold & GCI
2021:  Launched Barrie House Hub; a division of Barrie Condo Corner that focuses on house sales
2020: #4 Individual at KWE for Properties Sold
2020: Communication Committee Chair for CCI-Huronia (Volunteer)
2020: BOLD – 2 month Coaching (Continuing Education)
2019: Marketing Committee for CCI-National (Volunteer)
2018: #4 Individual at KWE for Properties Sold & GCI
2018: Senior’s Real Estate Specialist Designation completed, SRES
2017: Contributing Writer for - Monthly Condo Columnist
2017: Board of Directors for CCI-Huronia (Volunteer)
2016: #5 Individual at KWE for Properties Sold
2016: The McQueenie Method – Master Your Niche Market (Continuing Education)
2016: Train The Presenter – How to prepare a lesson plan and teach classes to Realtors (Continuing Ed)
2016: Member of CARP
2016: Member of Keller Williams ALC (Agent Leadership Council)
2015: Founded Barrie Condo Corner
2015: Member of the Canadian Condominium Institute - (CCI-Huronia Chapter)
2015: BOLD – 2 month Coaching (Continuing Education)
2015: Ignite – 1 month Training (Continuing Education)
2015: Keller Williams MegaCamp in Austin, Texas
2014: Seller Representative Specialist Designation, SRS
2013: Leader’s Edge Training by Chris Leader  – 2 month Training (Continuing Education)
2009: Brian Buffini Mastermind in San Diego, California
2008: Hobbs Herder – Master Your Marketing Summit in Orlando, Florida
2007/2008: Brian Buffini Coaching & Mentorship – 12 month Coaching (Continuing Education)

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