Smoke-Free and Condo Value

By: The Hocking Homes Team

Smoke-Free and Condo Value

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 Smoke gets into everything!! A coat of paint and replacement of carpets won’t get rid of the smell of smoke, especially cigarette smoke. Not only does it stain the walls and ceiling but it sticks to kitchen cabinets, hardwood flooring, tiling, doors and filters through HVAC systems.

Did you know that properties that smell like smoke are 85% harder to sell? Not only do buyers see dollar signs when thinking about how to get rid of the smell completely but they also have health concerns related to second hand smoke. The value could be affected by up to 27%.
Residents that smoke in their units could also affect the resale value of their neighbours and the building as a whole. Smoke can enter other units by open windows, balconies and travelling into hallways when doors are open. Potential buyers could be turned off of a building if they are on a tour and smell smoke in hallways and other common areas.
Buyers are aware that condo buildings in Barrie are starting to go smoke-free and living in a smoke-free building is of importance to many, especially those that are looking to live in a complex that supports healthy lifestyles.

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