5 Things You Might Not Know About Staging Your Condo

A staging professional will use a proven system to evaluate your home’s market appeal indoors and out. During a staging consultation a comprehensive report will be completed including recommendations for improving trouble areas and suggestions on how to highlight your homes best features. Whether you need one room staged or your entire home, staging can help with as little or as much as necessary. Investing in having your home staged, is a powerful tool to attract buyers in a competitive market.
1) Did you know that on average staged condos receive 3%-6% increase on their equity versus unstaged condos? Can you afford not to stage? Making your very best first impression when a buyer is viewing your home is one of the #1 ways to showcase your property to a broad market.
2) Did you know that staged condos have a quicker turn around with 2X to 3X faster sales! We know that time is of the essence when selling and it is crucial to look your best right from the start when your property will receive the most activity. The goal is for you to net the best sale price in the least amount of time!

3) Did you know staged condos look better online, in print and in person. 95% of buyers will view your home first on the internet.  Leaving your home in “as-is” condition is no longer an option.  Buyers will simply skip over a property that does not show well on the MLS and go see the properties that “stand out” online.  Make sure your home outshines your competition, staging it works!

4) Did you know that vacant condos don’t show as well as staged properties? This is the #1 reason developers stage their model suites. Buyers want to emotionally connect to a property, they want to see how they can live in a space.  Empty rooms and blank walls are not appealing online OR in person.  Seeing a well designed space that is warm and inviting typically results in more viewings,  higher sale price and less time on the market.

5) Did you know that Staging your condo includes; De-cluttering, de-personalizing and repairing?  This is the time to thin out closets, pack up the clutter on counters, dressers and other surfaces.  Pack up personal photos and tuck away personal toiletries.  While your house is on the market, buyers need to see themselves living in the space, rather than be distracted by who is currently living there.  It’s also the time to do those repairs you have always meant to do: paint touchups, leaky faucets and replacing burnt out bulbs to name a few.  A buyer perceives a well cared for home as more valuable than one that has been neglected.

Staging a condo is not something strictly for high end homes anymore.  Buyers are now expecting owners  to do the prep work in order to get top dollar for their property.  Staging is how homes are being sold and is your key to a successful sale.
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